The goal of tadaathemes is to provide a bunch of reasonably neat ggplot2 themes.


You can install the released version of tadaathemes from CRAN with:

# install.packages("tadaathemes")


Include a (compact?) gallery of themes (or maybe move them to a dedicated pkgdown article)

# library(tadaathemes)

Additional Resources



  • sjmgarnier/viridisLite: Viridis is the (at least my) preferred set of color scales for continuous variables
  • coolors: Make your own color palettes easily (useful for qualitative palettes etc.).

Plotting with fonts (and text stuff)

  • wilkelab/ggtext: Markdown text formatting in ggplot2! (WIP)
  • r-lib/ragg: Alternative output device which, among general performance/quality improvements, also eases the inclusion of system fonts.
  • rstudio/thematic (WIP): Auto-theming depending on context, easy styling using rstudio/bootstraplib in RMarkdown/shiny/RStudio(!). The latter is also WIP.
  • yixuan/showtext: For plotting with fonts, including the easy inclusion of Google fonts.
  • wch/extrafont: Probably maybe required to use fonts for PDF output (using cairo_pdf)? I still don’t quite understand it, but extrafont::loadfonts() tends to do more good than harm.